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Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, The

A mere three decades after the historic Wright Brothers flights that launched the aviation era, young Jimmie Allen began his air adventures on radio. First airing in 1933, the 15-minute-long episodes ran on stations around the American Midwest, and then were syndicated elsewhere via World Broadcasting. The show had two lives, the first between 1932 and 1937, and then it was reincarnated with a new cast, outlets, and sponsor from 1946-1947, although its second run was not nearly as successful as the original.

Jimmy Allen was the brainchild of WWI fighter pilots, Bill Moore and Bill Burtt of Kansas City. Jimmy was a telegraph messenger who, in the course of his job, realized that a scheme was afoot to hijack an airplane, so he called upon his friend, pilot Speed Robertson, to foil the plot.. The show was a big hit, and became a huge merchandising moneymaker. The Jimmie Allen Flying Club members received wings, puzzles, a secret service whistle, and a "personal letter from Jimmy Allen." An impressive 600,000 newsletters were sent to fans out each week.

Jimmie and his friends chased adventure, mystery, and helped solve crimes, hunted treasures, and participated in air races. Real life Jimmie Allen Air Races appeared around the country, attracting many thousands of eager spectators. When the show's popularity ebbed, and, eventually, was canceled in 1937, the originators, Burtt and Moore, created the equally successful and long-running Captain Midnight.

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